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Andrea Michaelson Design

Interior Designer Andrea Michaelson was born in Miami and raised in New York and Montreal prior to settling in Los Angeles at age twelve. She traveled extensively as a child and later as a designer, perfecting fluency in both French and Italian and cultivating a deep love of European history and its fine art, design and architecture, which has had an immense influence on her work. Michaelson attended the U.S.C. School of Architecture and earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Design from the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. She began freelancing as an interior designer in her early twenties, simultaneously working as a fashion designer, marketer and buyer for a leading Italian footwear brand. Frequent travel to Europe during this period helped to shape her design philosophy as she explored and curated her own diverse collections of textiles, contemporary furniture and decorative objects. Michaelson’s unique point-of-view has been honed over the past twenty-five years through a broad range of distinctive assignments. Her background in architecture is pervasive in all projects that bear the AMD name as is a refined design aesthetic and ingenuity in mixing periods and cultures that appeals to her recurring stable of clients. Michaelson’s great love of education fuels her work as an active volunteer educator and she has practiced visual literacy as an award-winning art consultant for curriculum development at the UCLA Lab School and other schools in Los Angeles. In keeping with the designer’s wide range of interests and expertise, she is also a trained gourmet chef, who makes her own authentic Italian pastas and pizza in the family kitchen’s wood burning pizza oven.

1196 Summit Dr Beverly Hills CA 90210





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