Andrea is a gifted designer who helps you retain the essence of your style while ensuring a holistic and balanced result.
- MJ Degens
Working with Andrea Michaelson Design is effortless - they have the business savvy to quickly grasp concepts, turn out exceptional visuals with very little revision required all within the committed deadlines.
- Thomas Davis
At the root of the dramatic and richly layered interiors created by AMD, lies an essentially purist design philosophy. Classical architecture is favored for symmetry, scale and proportion, materials and finishes are natural, raw or restored to their origin - rarely faux, re-plated or lacquered - and authentic textiles, furnishings and objets d’art are sourced from various cultures and periods. The firm, named for its founder Andrea Michaelson, is anchored in the designer’s formal architecture training and cultivated sense of style. Both forces are at work in design projects, where the sophistication of history is tempered with contemporary flourishes and a singularly unconventional point of view.

Masters at manipulating scale combined with a penchant for drama means that AMD interiors are often proportionally ambitious - suggestive of European grandeur – and then balanced with a knowledgably understated decorative voice. There is always a reliance on the masterfully crafted background - floors, doors and wall finishes are timeless in and of themselves – giving the interiors an enduring quality that makes them appear fresh and relevant for decades.

Unusual pairings and remarkable finds are an ongoing feature of AMD’s work. Industrial lighting or innovative building materials serve as counterpoint to classical form, as do multi-cultural elements co-existing within a single interior. This is illustrated to great effect in a seven-thousand square foot Beverly Hills residence, where imposing walls in poured cement provide a theatrical backdrop for Michaelson’s unique brand of mixing - over-scaled bronze wall sconces salvaged from a North Eastern commercial building are subdued with shades of gilded silk, lofty copper clad doors shimmer with bronze hardware, and German vintage balcony and chain handrails with finials, all appear ideally matched. In the living room of a Mulholland Estates remodel and refurnish, AMD mixes antique furniture with stark contemporary sofas, a monumental size French vintage canvas tapestry hangs on the wall above the fireplace and silk curtains have been intricately hand-embroidered in India. 19th century carved wood capitols mounted on steel plaques have been fashioned as wall sconces.

You can count on Andrea Michaelson Design to make it happen seamlessly and the result will definitely be something that's sure to out pass your expectations and the results will rival some of the top designers while making what's usually a stressful time - an inspiring experience and a pleasure to work with.
- Brown/Mann Interiors
AMD is passionate about the collaborative process, working with clients on projects that range in scope from color, background finishes and textile consulting to full-scale remodels and ground up architectural interiors. The firm specializes in high-end residential projects but also consults on design for condominium development, yacht interiors, hotel concessions and other boutique commercial spaces. AMD is a professional allied member of ASID.


I was most satisfied with the professionalism and the timely manner in which they were able to accomplish everything.
- Thomas Davis & Victor Drai