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Andrea Michaelson Design is a top interior design firm in Beverly Hills. We are energetic, passionate, and different. This is our interior design philosophy.

Our Interior Design Mission:
1. Be original. We will make your dream, a better dream by injecting our originality.
2. Be details first. Pay attention to details. We sweat over little things
3. Be deadline oriented. We get the job in timely manner.

From Beverly Hills to every corners of Los Angeles, everybody deserves a beautiful home. Beautiful home is comfortable, functional, and inspired by a great design. When a comfort meets artistic design, we believe that’s a true winner. No matter what we do, we try our best to make the design stand out while making you comfortable. And most importantly we don’t do boring interior design. Boring is not our cup of tea. We want to express our feelings through our interior design. It’s important to combine your dreams and inject our artistic freedom. And it has proven to be our specialty. We take great pride in making your home an original space with artistic touch. Anybody can decorate, but not many can make an artful living. Anybody can start a decor project, but leave an artistic masterpiece to us.

And that’s what we do best – making your living an art. Making your interior space an artistic living space. And to make this happen it’s important to we squeeze our brains together and collaborate from start to finish. At Andrea Michaelson Design we firmly believe the role of interior designer is much more than the décor. We believe it’s important to bring the best characteristics from the owner as well as the home itself. We will soul search and blend the best characteristics and create an artful interiors.

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